Other Work

As part of the B.Phil. degree at Oxford I wrote a thesis about the semantics of appearance reports (my D.Phil. thesis is on the same topic). Here it is:

The B.Phil. also requires the writing of several exam essays. Here are the essays that I wrote:

During the B.Phil. I wrote an essay for each tutorial. Here they are:

As part of my undergraudate degree in philosophy at Sydney University I wrote a thesis about Lewis's counterfactual analysis of causation. Here it is:

Here are the essays that I wrote as an undergraduate:

Fourth year subjects:

Second and third year subjects:

First year subjects:

I once did a diploma of education at Melbourne University. Here is an essay that I wrote about the philosophy of education:

Before becoming a philosopher I studied a fair bit of mathematics. Here is the Masters thesis that I wrote:

Here are two published papers that I co-authored:

I also wrote a thesis as part of my undergraduate degree in mathematics. Here it is: